Runway Status Lights at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

Takeoff Hold Lights at LAX
LAX Runway Diagram
Diagram of RWSL at LAX

LAX is the third airport to test the prototype Runway Status Lights (RWSL) system designed by MIT Lincoln Laboratory, ARCON Corp., and the FAA to help reduce and prevent runway incursions and accidents. RWSL at LAX is a fully automatic, advisory safety system which operates independent of air traffic control using airport surveillance data from the ASDE-X system and advanced safety logic.

In 2009, Runway Entrance Lights (RELs) were installed at select taxiways on Runway 24L/6R on the North Airfield and Runways 25L/7R and 25R/7L on the South Airfield. Takeoff Hold Lights (THLs) were installed at full-length and intersection departure locations on Runway 24L/6R. With continued support from MIT Lincoln Laboratory and ARCON Corporation, the FAA has extended operational evaluation of the prototype RWSL at LAX airport until it is replaced by a production system.

The right hand graphic is a runway diagram of LAX with locations of in-pavement RELs and THLs with marked with red bars on runways 24L/6R, 25L/7R, and 25R/7L.

RELs Locations
THLs Locations

North Side: at high -speed Taxiways Y, Z, and AA

South Side: at Taxiways V and E8

Runway 24L: from 350’ beyond the runway threshold for a length of 1500’

Runway 24L: from the E8 taxiway intersection departure position for a length of 1500’


North Side: at Taxiways F, G, and U

South Side: at Taxiways F and G

No THLs are currently installed
North and South Side: at Taxiways F, G, and U No THLs are currently installed

Operational status of RWSL at LAX will be broadcast on the ATIS